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IMAC Discuss IMAC style aerobatics in here


Old 12-28-2005, 07:40 AM
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Default RE: Basic

You are correct, I didn't state that properly.
Old 12-30-2005, 03:31 PM
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Default RE: Basic

I believe 9. is an Immelman, rather than a Split S. Wish they would get the text version out soon, would avoid allot of confusion on the names of the figures, wouldn't it.

In the 2006 Basic Known program it lists numbers next to each figure. Figure 1 has 1.1.1,, 2 / 8 and 10. What do these numbers mean?

Also just to make sure I read it correctly, the 2006 Basic looks to me as 1. Roll 2. Humpty Bump (pull pull) 3. Reverse Cuban 8 4. Loop 5. Hammerhead 6. Reverse Shark tooth with 1/2 roll on the up line 7. Figure 9 8. cuban 8 9. Split S 10. 1 1/2 spin. Is this right?

Thanks in advance.
Old 12-30-2005, 05:49 PM
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Default RE: Basic

mike, i urge you to learn aresti so you are dependent on text narratives, which are unofficial and often confusing. that being said: here it is....being an old timer, I am going to write this as if there is a three section box, and center figures are performed in front of the judges. yes, it is no longer the rule, but it is good discipline and will present better.

Opening figure, rock wing, announce box entry, enter the box from upwind.

1. Center - Full roll. criteria...roll rate constant, no change in pitch or yaw. any under or over roll amount will be dg at 1 pt per 10. common errors...pitch up before entry, nose down exit, wandering heading at exit. fast rolls do not present well, nor do true slow rolls.

2. End box HB - pull entry, establish vertical line, pull top, establish vertical line, half roll, establish vertical line, pull exit. Entry and exit radius must equal, half loop over the top does not have to equal entry or exit. common mistakes...not defining vertical lines, enter too early causing the exit to be displaced toward center, unequal radius, roll displaced on exit. entry and exit altitude do not have to equal.

3. End Box - Reverse Half Cuban (reverse goes into the 45). Pull to a 45, establish line, half roll, establish line, pull 5/8 loop, establish s/l flight. common errors - heading loss after half roll, varying radius, roll displaced on line. entry and exit alt do not need to match.

4. Center - Loop, pull inside loop. common errors: exit pinched, second part of loop egg shaped, entry and exit altitude do not match, heading and roll errors during loop. very hard figure to get a decent score from a good judge.

5. End - Hammerhead or stall turn. note: maybe a quarter of the judges you fly in front of will actually know how to judge this figure, but... pull to establish vertical line, hold, begin backing off throttle, and when stopped or close to stopped, pivot the airplane using the rudder. common errors - flying over the top, sliding rearward, torqueing the pivot, (any one of MIGHT be zeroed by one or more judges) entry and exit radius not equal. if flying into a crosswind, hammer into the wind as it will minimize the displacement from the entry line (track). Some pilots draw this figure very tall which wastes time, and often increases their downgrades. a line of two to three seconds is fine.

6. End Half Reverse ST, same as Figure 3. Radius of 135 degree pull does not need to equal entry and exit radius. the sharp corner of the aresti is for illustration purposes only.

7. Center Figure 9. Pull entry, establish vertical line, pull 270 degrees to SL flight. food for thought: this figure presents best when the exit is higher than the entry, but that is NOT a judgeable criteria. again, a tough figure to score well because the second and third parts of the loop usually looks rushed.

8. End - Half Cuban. From SL, pull 5/8 loop, establish line, half roll, establish line, pull to level flight. Common errors...roll displaced on line, unequal radius on entry: entry and exit alt do not need to match....but try to come out a little lower than the entry because you probably gained a little alt doing the fig 9.

9. End - This is an Immelman, flip it over and it is a Split S. Otherwise, it is just a half inside loop, half roll. Common errors: yaw error at exit, presence of a line between end of half loop and half roll. (presence of a line will be dg or zeroed, depending on length of line and the judge), end of half loop is often pinched.

10. Center - a this really sb done right in front of the judges. 1 1/2 turn positive spin. common errors - forced or "snapped" entry, no presence of autorotation, over or under rotation, visible change in track during entry, no vertical line after spin. a spin is unique in that it offers the judge two opptys for mechancial zeros - the entry and the spin itself. the spin: if the inside wing is not flying "backwards", there is no autororation, and the figure is zeroed. a lot of basic pilots tend to fixate on spins, but it is not a high K figure.

remember, none of this is official, and none of it is quotable. but i hope it helps. learn areesit, or areesit or aretists, or whatever it is called....narratives are not scoring documents. note that figures 2,3,5, and 6 are the high k figures - those four figures represent half the total score.

have fun!!!!!
Old 12-31-2005, 12:08 AM
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Default RE: Basic

Thanks Paul! It is nice to see the common mistakes listed along with the figure. I'm guilty of using a bit of torque to complete my hammerheads at times. That is a problem area for me as are the 1/2 rolls on the 45 lines. I keep on changing my line. Maybe I won't get a complete 0 the first time anyway. LOL

I have been practicing on the sim mostly working on remembering the sequence and positioning. One thing I have been doing is performing the HB in figure 2 just to the side of center. This means I don't have a huge line over the center to get to the start of the Rev. Half Cuban 8. I don't think it should matter where it gets performed as far as scoring is concerned, right? I just didn't want a big dead spot.

Mike, Thanks. I saw my mistake and I'm all corrected now.

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