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Lancair 360 MK2

Old 12-13-2009, 11:39 PM
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Default RE: Lancair 360 MK2

ORIGINAL: virtualvictum

Hey guys thought I would chime in on this little gem. I have the stars and stripes version. First off this is a sweet flying plane and very responsive. I run a GMS .61 in mine and it hauls a@@. Landings are a little hot so be prepared. The plane is so aerodynamically clean that it takes a long time to bleed off speed. Just make a longer landing approach than normal and you will be fine. The plane comes in extremely nose heavy when using the .61 size motor so a lot of weight had to be added to the rear. I will post pictures. He is right about the distance from the engine backplate to the firewall. It is way off. I also have 1/4'' gap and it looks ugly but I am going to leave it because it would require rebalancing. I can save you both the trouble of rebending the front landing gear, just replace it now. Way too weak. I fly off grass and it is cut extremely short and the wheel pants had to go. That sucked because they look sweet. If you insist on using the stock front gear and the wheel pants the first time it bends it will crack the bottom of the fuse. Ask me how I know. Once you get her trimmed out it is an awesome sight in the air. Very fast and nimble. Rolls can be very fast if you choose and loops can be as well. If you want to know the measurements of the control surface movements that I have just let me know. I can try to answer any more questions that you think of. Good luck on the maidens. One more thing I almost forgot. On take off the plane actually sticks to the ground. You have to fly this one off. Be careful because at takeoff speeds it can get squirrley as she has a short wheelbase. I flipped a couple of times figuring this out. RCU won't let me upload pics. I will try later.

Can you e-mail me the pics?

[email protected]
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Default RE: Lancair 360 MK2

Hi All,
I got this plane (stars and stripes version) last summer, and am getting ready to build it. I'm going electric, and have a couple of questions. First, has anyone worked on setting up the canopy so it can be removed easily? It looks like this is the way to go for dealing with the batteries. I was planning on building a frame, and installing a hatch pin to lock it in place. But I'm open to suggestions.

I saw someone mention that the forward landing gear was a bit weak. What gear did you use to replace it (Yea, I know, a redundant question)? I'm open for any other suggestions anyone may have.
Thx, Rich
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Default RE: Lancair 360 MK2

Hello, I know this seems a little late but I have had this plane for about 5 years and can't really find any info on it anymore. I think it's probably discontinued. Anyway, I finally got around to finishing this CMP Lancair 360 MK2. I was running a brand new OS 46 AX in it. The maiden did not go to well. After take off the plane was really twitchy and hard to control. I had the CG set on a great planes CG machine at 72mm without fuel. The control throws were only set for 8mm EL and 8MM AIL. Rudder was max throw. I was using a 12x6 prop. The plane didn't seem to fast on the ground but it took off after a long takeoff roll. Once airborne it seemed really hard to control and I eventually lost control and crashed it. Almost like a radio problem. I repaired it overnight and went to fly agin the next day and it was even worse than before. I was just wondering if you recall any tips for this plane and if you may still have it. CG, Throws etc..

Thanks in advance,

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Default Manual

Hello everyone,
just arrive a second hand lancair with star and stripes looking and .46 two Stoke nitro
I am looking for manual or if you have the exactly distance from leading edge to balance it

Thanks in advance,

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