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Fox Bicycle Motor?

Old 09-22-2019, 05:13 PM
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Default Fox Bicycle Motor?

I just acquired this motorized 80s Ross Snapper BMX bicycle powered by a 1983 Fox bike engine, built by Fox Manufacturing in Arkansas. The company was known for model airplane and RC engines. They made this bike motor for one year only. I believe they were forced to halt production after a lawsuit from Puch, but that part is just rumor. I have it running now but with some questions. I have some tuning to do because it lacks power. The instructions say . . . "There are two needle valves on the carburetor. One at the fuel inlet for high speed and one on the opposite side for low speed. I only see the high speed and not sure where it should go - how many turns out for baseline. Also can find the so-called low speed. I quickly cleaned the carburetor in my ultrasonic and blew it out with only rudimentary disassembly. Anyone familiar with this motors. I'm new here - so it not letting me post pix - or I'm just stupid!
Old 12-28-2020, 04:48 PM
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If you have problems with flavorings, then you need to contact the repair service. I just think that if you want to do something yourself, you will break it. Or connect something wrong. Just my friend when he just bought a bike, he decided to tighten the brake (it seemed to him that his brake cord is too weakly stretched). Then, he was driving on the road and almost crashed into a car due to the fact, that his brake failed.
Old 01-14-2022, 02:57 AM
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While I realize this is an old post.. I built mini-bikes as a kid! First, check to see that you have fresh fuel, with proper oil, and percentage, clean fuel and air filters if so equipped, and that any exhaust ports or mufflers are not constricted with mice, mud-dobber hornets, etc. To check your high speed needle jet, place the bike in a stand, so that the engine can turn the drive wheel, and you can safely adjust it while running. While this is not much of a load, it will get you started in the right direction. Start the engine and open the throttle.. it doesn't have to be wide open yet. In most cases turning the main jet CCW will cause the mixture to richen, and the engine speed will slow. Go further, it will slow even more, then run rough. That establishes that you are on the safe (rich) side of the adjustment. Slowly turn the jet CW, and the engine speed will increase.. and if turned further, it will be too lean, and it will die. So back it out and try it down the road. Err on the safe side, leaving the jetting just slightly rich, which will prevent the engine from getting too hot, and possibly seizing. On most powered bikes of that era, they did not have very much power. If it still appears weak, it could have a bad plug, or poor compression. If it turns over too easily, low compression means a new cylinder and piston.
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Something to consider, though these motors are comparatively simple, they can be permanently ruined very easily. No disrespect, but it sounds like you have little experience with these small engines. No mater how small the town, city etc. there is always someone who has experience with these small engines. I recommend locating someone who has some experience and see if they can get it running for you, check it out to see if it's worth the effort or at least make recommendations.
It sounds to me like you're thinking of attempting to restore or at least get it running with the original idea of powering this bike. Remember, you may have a very difficult time replacing that motor if you damage it attempting to get it running on your own with limited experience. A find like that with all original parts in working condition may have considerable value.

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