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best RC car for Drifting

Old 02-26-2007, 11:58 AM
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Default RE: best RC car for Drifting

I bought the Yok. I drive the Yok...regularly. It's never broken. And I've hit quite a bit (i like insane angles and I love getting close to the wall..kinda like my ole 1:1 240). I've gotten maybe 3 or 4 screws in it's 1 1/2 yr of usage. Yokomo is also the only car I rarely hear about getting hop-ups for actual TUNE purposes. sure, people get carbon chassis and metal to replace some of the plastic, but I hear more of aesthetic changes to Yok chassis...and even then, it's few and far between.

I'm baised towards Yok cuz I drive a problem free one. So, that's my $.02

The TC4 is nice as well, but I can't give any real drift advice for it since it's primarily a race car. It does break a lot. I'll say that. But, I'm usually going 3x's faster in it than I normally do in my Yok.
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Default RE: best RC car for Drifting

I just cant imagine ever being able to break my drift car, nitro or electric!! When I'm sliding sideways I'm maybe doing 5 to 10 mph. I just dont see durability being a big issue with a drift car, unless some people just dont know how to drift and they're always hitting curbs.
But anyway, I'm sure the Yokomo is a great car!! I just dont see why it costs as much as it does.

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Yokomo drift kit 229.99 doesnt include esc, motor, or full ball bearings

Tamiya Dspec TT01 134.99 includes sport tuned motor, esc, and full ball bearings

It seems pretty obvious to me, but thats just my opinion
Old 07-22-2009, 11:16 AM
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Default RE: best RC car for Drifting

every body talks about the tt01 and tt05 and team ascosiated and so on....... The talk about them because thats what is the norm is in drifting. As for the what a car. need only the diffs to be locked, and sone spur and gear changes, and bobs your uncle. a drift car is born. I got a thunder tiger ts-4e which is based on the ta04, and im happy with, its not a tamiya. this is a car that you HAVE to learn how to drive as most of the weight is situated at the back.
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Default RE: best RC car for Drifting

I drift an ASSOCIATED TC5 and it has much better control over my tt01 with the same set-up and radio for each. the more expensive chassis do make a difference... tt01's are almost unbreakable and quite competent drifters id say go the tt01 since your starting out and youle enjoy it the yokomo is a waste of money unless you go the full ball with the MR4TC or something. but since iv gone to TEAM ASSOCIATED i dont want to buy any other brand... the quality and performance of every car they make is awesome.
wait a few weeks and ill post pics of my (coming) SC10 drifting... haha should be a good flik
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Default RE: best RC car for Drifting


Also stay away from the sprint 2!! definatly a great looking car and the right price, but a friend of mine bought one to drift with and he spent more time getting little stones out of his belt. after a few stones he actually had to replace the Kevlar belt.

There is a mod to fix this issue
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Default RE: best RC car for Drifting

i love my TT01-R if ya can even call it that any more

but its all in the driver man, most go with a TT01 for the low start up and price, and the abilty to go balls out like i have done and make your very own Brokeono as i like to say

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