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Leftover Nitro fuel

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Default Leftover Nitro fuel

I have heard never use Nitro fuel after one season. Do you know why that is? While on the ground like on an engine stand, can old fuel be used to do things like break engines in or at least run them? How old is too old If using for engines on the ground? How else can you dispose of old fuel?
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To say fuel goes bad is true however only if left in a loosely sealed container, and/or in direct sunlight for long periods of time among other things. I've read about guys using fuel that's 20 years old and had it run perfectly fine in their engines. Tightly sealed and out of direct light are the two key factors to keep fuel fresh.

If if you have some suspect fuel, run it through an engine that is known to run stone reliable. If it acts up, you could suspect the fuel as being the culprit
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Default Storing Fuel

I'm no expert on this subject but I have seen the castor glob in decades old fuel, I certainly would agree as previously said oxygen, heat, and light are your adversaries. This is true with just about all chemicals, for the best opinion contact a fuel manufacturer for their recommendations. Personally I always use filters on all lines: feed line to carb, pressure line to tank, and fill line out of my bottle of fuel, I did not used to use one on the pressure line from the muffler until I had trouble from gunk that had built up in the muffler being pushed into my onboard fuel tank.
And one last thing always keep moisture out ! store in a cool Dry place in a full tightly caped container is best practice. Squeeze the plastic bottle to eliminate air or transfer to a smaller know to hold fuel container.
This will keep your fuel in good shape over the winter.


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I have used five year old fuel many times. If it has not turned brown, and the motor runs ok, and idles ok, I use it. I found the big old .40's use it up real quick. The smaller motors don't like the stale fuel. Yes, keep it tightly capped, in a dark cool place. I have a boat that had a full tank of fuel, and maybe 6 or 7 years later, it was about a third full. I guess it was mostly just oil left. It is fairly dry in the basement, so I think it was just evaporation. I put my old fuel on the driveway to kill weeds, or put a little in the lawnmower at a time. Don't put it in a car tank.
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And how old is the fuel on the shelf in the LHS? Have you seen a date stamp on any fuel? A year old means nothing, the circumstances of storage mean every thing. I have fuel that is going on two years old and works just fine. But it is stored out of the sunlight, indeed covered from all light, in tightly sealed containers. I also have Castor oil in a quart container, or is it a liter, anyway I have not seen any Castor "globules" after more than 5 years of sitting on the shelf.
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Once you open the top and pull the stopper all bets are off. Glow fuel is a moisture magnet and it will draw moisture in after the plug is removed no matter how well the top is on or how it is stored. Storing it off the floor in a dry environment will prolong the inevitable .
If it's the pink fuel you can tell when it gets skunked by holding it up to the light and if it is cloudy and a bit dark it has moisture in it.
Yes it will burn but not very well and you will notice it on idle especially. Depending on the engine you can get rid of it by mixing it with some new fuel.
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I'm burning a case of 20 year old Carolina Taffinder fuel right now for this week's Classic Pattern practice in my FSR powered Tiporare. It was always sealed since I bought it for C/L Stunt and under the bench in the hangar. Recently found it and it was clear and smelled good, so off to the field I go and it ran great. I'd used old fuel for some time when I first started flying R/C with other old fuel cases but they weren't quite as old. I bought this case in '94.
I've had friends use Cox fuel from the old tin cans and some of it was from the 60's so it must be how well it was stored as to how long it lasts.
P.S. I used to pour a few oz of propylene oxide into older fuel that was opened, but I don't think they even make it anymore!

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Good for you!
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I have found that the fuel is good indefinitely for years and years. I had about 1/4 of a jug of 20% glow fuel left and it sat for about 20 years in the storage shed. It still worked fine when I went and used it. So as long as it isn't exposed to air too much or sunlight it should still be good.

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