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Hitec HS 225 question

Old 03-08-2004, 07:17 AM
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Default Hitec HS 225 question

I searched through RCU trying to find some answers and didn't come up with much that was useful. I did see a lot of hitec bashing and that will not be helpful and I'd appreciate it if people who have actually used these servos or maybe have some insight into this occurance would give experienced opinions/advice.

This last week I was taking weight out of a plane I've had for a couple years. It's been slowly gaining weight and became a real dog. Part of the weight loss was swapping four Futaba S3002, MG mini's with four HS-255 nylon gear servos. It's a .30 size plane, so the torque isn't an issue.

After the plane was back together I was getting ready to re-center all the control surfaces. I have a Futaba 8UHP tx. I cleared the model memory so I could start from scratch. The mode stayed at PPM (FM, not PCM) which was correct so I did not have to switch off the tx as I would have to if switching modes.

In the mean time, the receiver was off and all the servo arms were off because these are all brand new servos and I did not know if they were centered or not.

After getting the tx set (never turned it off), I switched on the receiver, put the servo arms on and adjusted the clevises. Then I went ahead and started moving the controls to check the throw. I moved them all to their extremes which was way too much. At one point, the elevator servo stayed hard over (full up). I switched off the receiver and turned it back on and it stayed hard over.

Then I switched off the rx and tx and the servo returned to neutral. There was some binding in the elevator pushrod, but not enough to cause the servo to jam. I fixed that.

So for the next two days I kept exercising that servo and it never happened again. I'm hoping it was a glitch in the transmitter due to resetting it and not turning it off, but I really don't know what happened. Then my buddy told me that certain Hitec servos lock hard over which is why I did the search here. All I could find was that some hitec digitals do that, but these are analog servos.

Anyway, for peace of mind I switched it out with another brand new servo of the same type. Again, it only happened once, but that's enough to kill an airplane. I'm mostly concerned about this particular servo since I put them on every control surface of this plane.

Has anybody had this experience with this same model servo? Any ideas about it maybe being the transmitter or something else? I use this tx with every plane I have and it has done strange things in the past when doing resets and not switching off, but I can't remember what those things were. In the air it has been rock solid.


- Paul
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Default RE: Hitec HS 225 question

I have had good luck with the 225 servos. As for HiTec quality, I own 7 HiTec receivers used with Futaba transmitters and they all work perfectly.
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Default That DID happen to ME recently...

Dear CafeenMan:

The PIPE Here again...and while I was setting up some NEWER HS-225 servos (a plastic gear one for the elevator, and an "MG" version for the rudder) on my almost-ALL repaired-from a solar-glare-CRASH Balsa USA Swizzle Stick, I switched my MicroStar knobby (single stick) radio from RUN to CAL to set up another servo (the throttle, an Airtronics 94461 1980s vintage unit) and what do you know, but the HS-225s for the "tail's flippers" DID both go hard over for a moment, and when the signal from the MicroStar "settled down" in the CAL mode, everything "resolved itself" quite nicely!

Guess I've just GOT to remember to shut the plane OFF for just a moment when switching operating modes on my neat knobby MicroStar Tx, that's all...WHOOPS! Guess we ALL learn something new from time to time!

Yours Sincerely,


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