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RC Robot Speed Control Question

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Default RC Robot Speed Control Question

Hello everyone and thanks for indulging my questions. What I'm trying to build is a an RC Robot with two independent drive wheels on the left and right. Sort of like a tank drive system but with wheels instead of treads. For this I've purchased a Futaba R124F-72 receiver block with 4-channel transmitter and two servo motors. However the servo motors that came with the set are obviously not enough to peform as drive motors. What I would like to use are these two Pittamn 12/24 vdc motors that I have lying around that are each the size of my fist. The bot I'm trying to build is heavy and I want a lot of torque. The solution that I've come across in my search of RC components are Speed Controllers. Specifically I was looking at Futaba's MC230CR Speed Controller. I don't know much about this stuff and just figured going with the same manufacturer. The problem I have is this, the receiver block I have has only one large connector port, called a J-Connector by Futaba I believe. I then has three mini ports, which the two servos I have fit into. The Speed Controllers each have large J-Connectors. I was wondering if removing the connector ends from my servos and placing the mini connectors on the speed controllers would work and allow me to connect the Speed Controllers to me receiver. A follow up to this is that the receiver feeds power out of one of the connected devices and into the servos, while each of the Speed Controllers have their own power supplies. I want to make sure that my receiver block will be supplied with power but it won't be trying to feed into the SCs or feed too much off of them and burn something out. The last question is that I would like to confirm that these Speed Controllers will be able to supply the 12-24 volts and ~5 amps that I want to feed my motors with without burning out?

Thank you very much for lending me your expertise. If I've posted this in the wrong place or your know of another place where I can find some good information on this sort thing please let me know. Thanks again.
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Default RE: RC Robot Speed Control Question

As far as that receiver goes I would recommend a different one such as [link=][/link]. The one you have is for small airplanes and has a limited range of 620ft.
I couldn't find the exact motors you are talking about to find the specs but the speed controller would depend on the input voltage and the output voltage and i dont think those futabas would handle the 12/24v output. I would recommend these I have experience them and they can handle a lot [link=][/link]
To answer your question about the speed controller supplying power for the receiver those futaba's do because they have BEC (Battery eliminating circuitry). Those victors I showed you do not have BEC but it would not be hard to just get a 4.8v receiver battery and plug it into the receiver.
I you could provide more information about the motors I could be more specific about what exactly you need.
Hope I helped

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