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About Us.....

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Schumacher RC Superstore
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Default About Us.....

We are not the manufacturer, we are an online hobby shop run by fellow hobbyists just like you. With so many brands and options available to the dealer and consumer, it is hard to keep up, let alone try to stock all the parts for all the kits a shop may sell. This has turned into most shops selling kits at great prices, but not being able to stock all the support parts. The Schumacher Superstore believes that there is no point in getting a deal on a kit if you cannot find support parts when you need them. This is where our single brand philosophy comes in. We believe that if we sell you a kit, we should have available at all times, any part that may break, wear out or be misplaced. We all know that even an unbreakable part can get lost.

We chose to specialize in Schumacher products for several reasons:
1. Not everyone has a local hobby shop, and many do not carry Schumacher(along with many other brands), and online is thier only option.
2. No other brand offers as much quality for the money.
3. The manufacturer stands behind thier product completely, and will always set things right.
4. Our loyalty to the brand drove us to creating a one-stop-shop to cure the endless search for parts for all Schumacher customers.
5. We believe that parts support is one of the most important factors in choosing a brand. We will always have every part you will ever need.
6. They usually set the standard. They where first to have an RTR touring car that does over 70mph(80mph with gearing change). They had the first 3 speed. They had the first 1/10 scale truck that did over 70mph. First micro r/c with an .18 size motor, and so on....
7. Other manufacturers have contacted Schumacher directly to inquire about thier "secret" plastics recipe, to no avail. Schumacher has long had the strongest plastic in the industry, and still does.

We are the first brand specific online store of its kind. Inventory is arriving each day. We are listing products as they arrive. If we have it listed, we have it in stock and ready to ship. Schumacher is our specialty. We will always stock the full line of replacement parts and accessories. By focusing on only one brand, we are able to serve and support the product far better than any other! Get more for your money, now and always at

Our prices and values will not be beat. We will always offer our kits at the LOWEST ALLOWED price, and as if that was not good enough, every kit comes with a FREE nitro starter pack (including all required batteries!) and FREE shipping to the Continental U.S.

Any of the following will take you to the Schumacher Online Superstore:

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Default RE: About Us.....

Your domains are expired
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James c harrell
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Default RE: About Us.....

Well hello. I bought A Schumacher Nitro 21 XT-R from a swap meet last year for my son. I really didn't expect much from it because I only paid $25 for it. Only to find out that my son had been talking the man down all day andat the end of the day when we were getting right to go home he asked me to go get it for him. I went to look at it and the guy was leaving. He had everything packed but the XTR so I offered him 25 and he took it. After A closer look at it I was impressed. It ran, had a three speed tranny and man can you say fast. The thing was lightning. Problem was control. Steering was a little sloppy and when it shifted to 2nd, and finally put the front wheels down, it was all over the place. Third gear must have been amazing but it is out of sight by that time so I don't know. But my boy ran it around the yard for a few months like it was , in first, till the motor just plain got tired, steering got plain wore out. Now it was time to spend some money on it and boy lost intrest in it. Now I have a real nice wore out car. BUT. I was so impressed that a car this old could not only perform like that but last that long being as old as it is in the hands of my 13 year old. I decided to restore it. I don't think I could find a new car that would do or last like this one has. Are there still parts, origional parts that is, available. I don,t want to put anything but schumacher or schumacher quality in it. I do have a parts list but my local hobby shop just wants to sell me parts that I can make work. If I wanted a Traxxis I would go buy one. Please send me or Pm me your catalog or something. I think this XTR can still whip up on these modern boys. And I'm old fasioned. I really want the ball bearingsfor the steering and everything else if available. Glad I found your forum.
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Default RE: About Us.....

do you have any 21 xtr desert storm parts
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Default RE: About Us..... i have a 21 xtr single speed this is where i get parts shipping is a little high
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Default RE: About Us.....

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Default RE: About Us.....

sh itt belt drive cars with ball diffs no support utter junk

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