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Fuel Tank?

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Default Fuel Tank?

I'm going to build a sig skyray with a cox .049 (one of the 6.99 ones from cox). What would be a good fuel tank to use and what size would be best for this engine?
Thanks for the help,
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Default RE: Fuel Tank?


If you are into a bit of experimenting, you can convert a plastic film can to about a 1 fluid ounce tank, or an amber colored pill bottle for 2 fluid ounces. I prefer the clear amber pill bottles, since you can see where the inside tubes go. The pill botle cap threads on; the film cans tops snap on. Both are fuel proof and secure enough. The childproof outer cap on the pill bottles can be nipped off if you use a diagonal cutting pliers carefully. ...Saves about 1/4 the weight of the tank...

Simplest way with these would be to drill into the caps aboput 3/32", then use an awl to stretch the hole to a tight fit on 1/8" brass or preferably copper tube. With the cap and tube clean, a dab of J-B Weld (standard, i.e., slow curing) wiped around just the area the metal pierces the cap secures the tubes. One tube for vet; one tube for filling and feeding the engine.

The metal vent tube should be bent to touch the top of the tank, so you get a more complete fill. The fuel pickup tube only needs enough length in metal to allow a (silicone, e.g,) fuel tube to reach near the back end of the "can" and the plastic fuel lines usually have enough curve that you can position it so it rests on the "outer" wall. These are neat tanks for CL because you can rotate them to improve feed, etc. Also light, cheap and easily available.

Small metal tanks are available, of course. I think... You should carry 1 fl oz or more of fuel. You don't have to fill it completely if you prefer a shorter flight time.

Best of Luck!
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Default RE: Fuel Tank?

Thanks a lot for the info. I like to experiment and make as much as I can. I will definately try making one.
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Default RE: Fuel Tank?

Hi I am Barney. I was wondering if anyone out there could tell me where to get 1mm thick sheets of fibreglass for vintage combat tanks. I hear p c board fits the bill but how do you get it without the holes and without the copper coating.
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Default RE: Fuel Tank?

A 1 oz tank is a heck of a lot of fuel for a Cox Surestart. I fuel mine up with about 1/4 oz and get about 4 minutes. I would think 1/2 oz is more than enough. Brodak has a good selection of small tanks. A 3/8 ounce wedge tank would be great. I have made tanks with a finger cut from a vinyl glove with great success. Works upside down too. if you want to use the pill bottle idea, which I have given thought to myself, I think a small shampoo bottle from a hotel would work nicely. Although I think I would install my vinyl glove bladder tank inside the bottle instead of using the bottle itself as the tank. The bladder is better for stunting.
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Default RE: Fuel Tank?

You can get unclad fiberglass PC board from Digikey
1/32" (.79mm) x 6" x 9" #PC57-UNCLAD-ND
1/16" (1.59mm) x 6 x 9 #PC7-UNCLAD-ND
They also have larger sheets. Hope this helps


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