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TX charging

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Default TX charging

Can I overcharge my transmitter with the factory charger? If the transmitter shows a charge should I charge it the full 16 hours each time? I know the best charge would be to cycle the battery each time but I am asking for those without a battery cycle option.
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Charging at the overnight rate for a full 14 hours is advised for new batteries (some call this the forming charge)but not necessary thereafter and typically 8 hours the night before is fine for Nicd or Nimh.

Be carefull about excessive cycling when you do get a capable charger as all the batteries have a finite limit on cycles . No need and not desirable to cycle every time you go out.

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Thanks for the reply.I had never heard this question before and was wondering.I did not know about a cycling limit but don't do a recycle unless the battery has been setting for a while. Good to hear.
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A wall wart slow charge is low enough on the current that the battery can take being overcharged and not be damaged unless it's really excessive. That said, there's no need to charge your batteries as long as you are. A 5-6 hour charge before flying should get you up to full capacity if your wall wart is at a C/10 rate for your battery. C/10 means the current of the charger is 1/10 the capacity of your battery.
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After a good initial 12 hour charge when the
battery pack is new, it doesn't always need
the full duration to charge. When the battery
area of the transmitter gets warm the pack is
probably fully charged.

Whether or not it gets overcharged depends
on the charger output and the battery capacity.
If the charger puts out around 1/10 the mA
of the battery's mAh, it won't overcharge.
For example a 75 mA charger on a 700 mAh
battery will not overcharge. The batteries will
get warm once fully charged, but not hot
enough to do damage.

A 100 mA charger on a 600 mAh battery will
make the batteries get hot once they are fully
charged and may cause the cells to vent which
reduces their life.

Your transmitter will probably tell you when
the battery is too low to continue flying, so
you don't need to worry about undercharging
too much. If it does tell you this, do the full
12-16 hour charge next time. Unless you
hog the airfield all day, you probably won't
run your batteries down that low.

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I almost always used a Wallwart charger plugged into a cheap 24 hr light timer. The timer was set to charge for about 40 mins every day.

I would come in from flying and manually set the timer to a few hours based on how much flying I had done. Then next day and every day on the timer would switch on for a short top up charge.

I did this for 40 years and never had to worry about my batteries not being charged. I can only remember one battery failure in flight and that was in my hack Zagi.. The found the Nicad pack was well over 10 years old when I dug it out

Now I was using Nicads to begin with and moved over to NiMH. The odd LiPo I had [ mostly in Turbines] I charged the day before I flew removing them from the aircraft and placing them in an old cooking pot.

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If you are using the slow charger that came with your transmitter (usually about a 0.1C charger) just charge over night the day before you fly. By doing this 14 to 16 hour charge, you do not hurt the battery and are always insured of a full charge in case you have already flown enough to deplete it prior to charge. Even if it is partially charge, the overnight charge will not damage it.

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