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Allure Bipe production

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Default Allure Bipe production

Guys this plane has been hard to produce because of its size , however we are producing them easily for glow and we can make a electric version now as well.

All composite and nice paint on a bipe this size is very difficult but alas we are rolling.

Here is a customers recent yellow color swap version.
This was done for Bill Holstien I’ll let him comment on the flight feel as he was very happy with it.
I performed the designers touch setup he put the cg where I suggested and no fuss no Muss! Very Happy Customer ��

I have a flight test video ( just testing I did not fly the Pattern correctly I was only tuning the Plane for the first Flights.
SO don't judge it!

The top Photo`s are Brett`s Bipe. He loves a Bipe and he Really loves his Allure Bipe.
coupled with a YS 200 CDI and a APC 21-10 wpm its a great combo!


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Hello Allue bipe followers,

Bryan, Thank you for posting photo's of my beautiful Allue bipe (mine is the Yellow, red white and blue one). I will be posting an assembly thread on my bipe (delayed due to seemingly never ending travels). I pretty much followed Byran's directions and photo's on the CK Aero Facebook page and they were very helpful. I added a few things to mine such as; foam baffling in the chin cowl, added an attachment point for a 4-40 bolt at the front of the chin cowl, added spring clips on the strut pins (will add magnets as recommended) and added some carbon fiber paper inside fuse to the wing saddle (not really necessary) . I cut a new firewall former out of 1/4 balsa and laminated with carbon fiber to save some weight over the provide fiber laminated light ply version provided. The planes weight was 2650g when it arrived. The air frame and wings were packed very well, all the parts were packed very well and sorted in plastic bags. Bryan also did the designers touch on mine to install the engine crutch and wood mounting rails for my YS-185 DZ-CDI super mount. This service also includes the stab incidence aligned and the wings incidence verified (for an additional fee,well worth it for me living in two places with limited tools). The quality of my plane is absolutely fantastic and I just ordered the Alchemy bipe in the same colors (a bipe for P21 & F21- BOOOM!! ).

I have only a few flights on it; conducted in 15-20 mph cross winds on a wet overcast day (need to trim and fine tune on a calm day now). I was absolutely happy with the performance of the plane in those conditions. The balance was spot on per Bryan's photo threads on FB. The Allure bipe fly's big, very stable, presents well, rudder authority is fantastic, snaps very well, did everything I did with it very well. I followed Bryan's set up instructions for throws. I had more than enough power and then some with a slightly fat running engine. I hope to fly it more over the winter months and fine tune it. This is my first CK air frame and I am a BIG fan (hats of the the manufacturer, Bryan and CK Aero!).

Check back after the Thanksgiving holiday and I should have an assembly thread up with additional photo's.

Bill H.
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Hello Folks,

I have added some assembly photos of my Allure Bipe. I followed Bryan's assembly instructions on the CK Aero Facebook page. I did not use Bryan's fuel tank mounting, as I didn't have a way to do the cuts from my apartment during most of the assembly. As mentioned above, I did cut a new 1/4 balsa front former and laminated with lite carbon fiber at my house in NC, where I have all the tools (weight savings, the provided one is fine).

Equipment I used:
07-Savox SV-1250MG HV servos, 1-inch control arms (Wings, stabs, throttle)
01-Savox SG-2274 HV, Provided rudder arm on servo wheel (rudder)
01-Futaba 6014 HV Receiver
01-Thunder Power LIPO 2400 mah-7.4V (receiver and ignition)
01-Evolution optical throttle cut module w/LED
01-Jetti switching voltage regulator-SBEC w/fail-safe switch (6-42 V input/5.0-8.0V output @ 12-Amps)
07-Hangar 9 turnbuckles
15-2mm ball links with ball bearing race, wings, stabs (central hobbies)
01-2mm standard ball link (red)
02-2-56 Ball connectors w/ locking sleeve (throttle)
08-Madison Components Neoprene Washers (servo arm hex head)
00-Foamy tape (wire attachment to fuse)
00-Assorted Velcro
00-Assorted tire straps
02-2.5 inch wheels (F3AUnlimited)
00-Deluxe Materials; Carbon fiber tissue (wheel pants, wing saddle bottom and Side molds (Not necessary). I have found this to be a weak point in other designs.
01-YS-185 DZ-CDI
01-Hatori short pipe and header.
01-YS Super mount
02-Bags of green/orange fuel tubing
01-Blue anodized fuel nipples w/fuel crimp (Central Hobby)
01-Fuel dot small
00-2mm Depron (Canopy brace, not required does reduce vibration and some noise)
01-3.25 inch Dubro Spinner
01-Futaba 18MZ WC2 (optional)

I will add more photos as they download..Stay tuned!

I will be looking forward to adding the Alchemy Bipe in Feb 2020.

Best Regards,

Bill Holsten

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Default More Allure

More Allure Bipe photo's

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