It’s the popular Stik like you’ve never seen before


The “Stik” design has been a favorite of sport pilots for years, offered in different sizes with different power options and in kit, ARF and Rx-R versions. Great Planes™ Giant Big Stik XL incorporates everything that has made this iconic aircraft so popular, with the added stability and visibility of a 96.5″ wingspan and the option of gasoline or electric power. Final assembly is still easy and straightforward, and its flight characteristics make it a joy to fly.

  • Everyday sport flying with nearly unlimited flight envelope.
  • Accepts popular sizes of gas engines or electric motor systems.
  • Prebuilt using high-strength wood, fiberglass, carbon-fiber and aluminum.



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  1. I finished one of these for a buddy just a couple of days ago. It has not flown yet, but if the quality of flight is like the quality of construction, it will fly great. Every part fit perfectly and went together with no problems what so ever. It has an EME 60 on it. Should be plenty of power. Now I am thinking about getting one for myself.

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