My Trip to Vietnam Day 4 – Seagull Models Factory Tour


Day Four – Factory Tour!

Duyen Picked up Mike and myself on Friday morning and brought us to the factory for the grand tour. I was more than excited to see the entire process and all of the employees that worked to make the aircraft we enjoy. As she brought us around to all of the different areas of the factory, one thing was clear – she really cares for her workers, and enjoys interacting with all of them! Take a look at the photos and videos from our time in the factory!

Here’s some video clips that I took while touring the factory. Unfortunately, my video clips were in a different format than what I usually use for my review videos, so the individual clips were uploaded to YouTube for this article. Take a look!

That was pretty much our day on Friday, as Mike and I went back to our hotel rooms after the tour. One thing I found really cool was that the factory shuts down for an hour at 11:30, and the employees have a sleep break. They usually eat on an earlier, short break, and sleep on ‘lunch’. Near the end of the hour, soothing music is played to wake the workers and get them back to their jobs. Speaking of nap, I went back to my room and enjoyed one myself.

After a short rest, fiugred I had better get my ‘shopping’ done. I ventured out and bought some souvenirs for my wife and kids! Thankfully, the hotel offered a money exchange service at the front desk, so I converted $100.00 USD into VND.

For the first time in my life, I was a MILLIONAIRE! I now possessed 2,290,000 VND. Their money system could probably stand to lose three zeros, but it felt kind of cool to have 2.29 million VND to spend. The newer bills have a plastic feel to them – I had bills in 100,000 , 50,000 , and 20,000 VND. Outside of a stray canadian coin in the US, I’ve never used any other currency!

After picking up some gifts for my family, I went back to the hotel with $470,000 VND, which was equivalent to about $20.00 USD. I figured I did pretty well for the large stash of gifts I would be bringing home. It’s funny – there was a coffee shop and a restaurant attached to the hotel. I got a blended frozen coffee drink, and it cost me $77,000 VND. That seems like a lot, until you do the math and realize the drink cost $3.35 USD. That’s about three bucks cheaper than a comparable drink in the US! Friday night, Mike and I accompanied Duyen, Catrina, and Duyen’s children to a family restaurant called …Hun. What I mean by family style is that everyone orders an item from the menu, but all the items are place in the middle of the table and shared evenly with everyone at the table. This was to my benefit, as the beef and rice dish I ordered had a lot of cilantro in it, and I really dislike cilantro! There were many other foods on the table that were really tasty, so I was a happy man! Mike and I ordered desert, which consisted of a warm banana covered in a foamy sweet cream and topped with roasted peanuts. It was delicious! After Dinner, we retired to our hotel rooms and called it a night.


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