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  1. F-14 Tomcat converted to twin 50mm EDF jet
  2. Squall thrust vectored EDF jet. It's back and it's bigger...
  3. New FMS Rafale 64mm EDF jet
  4. Freewing F-14
  5. 2 metre Avanti sport jet converted to electric
  6. Grumman F-11
  7. Grumman F-11
  8. CGRC A-10 v2 building help
  9. Cartoon fattie style F-14 Tomcat
  10. My F-14 and F-15 at Jets Over Ky. 2022 photos
  11. Double EDF jet hand launch !?
  12. Jet for admiral pro 6000 6s
  13. BVM EVF5012 edf system
  14. XFly A-10 Thunderbolt II Twin 50mm EDF Jet
  15. Alpha jet variety.
  16. hotter edf/motor for 90mm viper eflite
  17. 200 flights now on viper, upgrade servos/maintenance?
  18. echine f18 50mm
  19. Rc edf jet advice
  20. Recommendation Needed for SAPAC 70mm ViperJet
  21. Eflite 80mm f16 pitching up when aileron rolling.
  22. Turbine to EDF convert.
  23. FlexJet Pro 90mm EDF jet on Radiomaster TX16S and TBS Crossfire
  24. Freewing Vulcan High Performance 70mm EDF Jet
  25. Wood kit, plans,A-10 Warthag wanted
  26. L-39 Albatros
  27. E-flite F18 vs Freewing F-18
  28. Freewing F-14 Tomcat 80 mm Twin
  29. Jet powered Seagull !?
  30. Hobby king Gulfstream G500 business jet
  31. Arrows BAe Hawk 50mm EDF Jet
  32. 1:5/5 A6 Intruder Flying Stab
  33. Future RC is here...thrust vectored VTOL Star Wars TRI-JET
  34. Byron F86
  35. JETCAT P20sx Learn Low Problem
  36. Art-Tech F14 Tomcat 55mm
  37. Electric Retracts for Extreme Jets Viper
  38. F 16 fuel tanks
  39. 70mm EDF jet pulsating?
  40. is there a 160N/35-36 lb. thrust EDF made?
  41. BVM - Early 60" F-86 Wing Build (pylon)
  42. Me-262
  43. NEW Eachine F-16 EDF jet
  44. 1.9M Sebart Avanti XS on 14S
  45. Micro Alfa Jet conversion to RC.
  46. Freewing A10 flight
  47. Ziroli Saab Viggen
  48. Flying the Freewing Avanti from the cockpit
  49. Jetfan 90mm V3
  50. Revolectrix CellPro PL8 - LiPo Graphene Charging
  51. Best high speed upgrade for the Freewing Avanti S
  52. Gluing Mounting Tabs to the Side of a Carbon Fiber Shroud
  53. Freewing Saab JAS-39 Gripen with thrust vectoring
  54. Turbax lll conversion
  55. FMS A-10 converted to head tracked DJI FPV
  56. Fastest 90MM EDF Foam Jet for 8s Jetfan upgrade
  57. Freewing Avanti, Technical question, any help is appreciated.
  58. Thrust vectored VTOL EDF Tri-Jet
  59. F-86 Nose Gear Retract
  60. How to use a 2 wire EDF
  61. Latest project from JF Jet Studio.
  62. EDF Questions
  63. 1:5.5 Grumman A6 (A, E, EA6A, F, KA6D) Intruder
  64. Edf question, by a completely new guy
  65. Another Byron Conversion
  66. NEW Micro 'speed flea' speed logger
  67. Gap at blades and housing???
  68. Freewing Saab JAS-39 Gripen
  69. EDF powered backpack problems
  70. Schuebeler DS-94-DIA 3ph
  71. HSD T-33 Brakes
  73. Freewing Mig 29 Maiden flight!
  74. Byron fan unit to electric conversion
  75. Duct fan THRUST????
  76. "2B2" 4 engine EDF jet.
  77. Hsd t33
  78. X-Flight \ Supreme Hobby A320 twin 50mm EDF Airliner
  79. Hsd nose wheel retract
  80. 40mm EDF - What to use?
  81. FMS A-10 Thunderbolt II v2
  82. Early E-Flite F-15
  83. Tamjets F16 1:12
  84. Freewing F22 Raptor
  85. Eflite Viper antenna
  86. Hsd 105mm f16 edf
  87. Arrows RC Viper 50mm EDF Jet
  88. fan balance
  89. "EDFHydroPropJet", latest project by JF Jet Studio
  90. Freewing f-14 Jeti DS-24 Programming Please Help
  91. Designing F-35B Vertical take-off/Landing (VTOL)
  92. F-35B VTOL and flight transition
  93. EDF sources
  94. "golden meduza"
  95. Freewing F-4 Phantom 8S PNP
  96. Skyshark Scratch built 90mm jet
  97. Design help for ducted fan
  98. "Golden Arrow", Latest creation from JF Jet Studio.
  99. recommendation to batteries and chargers
  100. E-Flite F-16 with 70mm EDF in action
  101. E-flite Su-30 Twin 70mm EDF Jet
  102. Freewing T-33 Shooting Star 80mm EDF Jet
  103. Problems With E-Flite Havoc..
  104. "midi gold"
  105. Freewing T33!
  106. British Airways Freewing AL37 RC twin 70mm EDF Airliner
  107. Eurofighter
  108. "Small-Smaller-Smallest" EDF jet.
  109. "70mm, FALCON"
  110. 3D thrust vectored indoor Rafale
  111. "mini twin widow"
  112. Giant A-10 Warthogs Indoors and Close Formation
  113. What ie ratio of ducted fan dia. to outlet dia. on plane?
  114. H-King Flycat. Simple fast EDF for first timers
  115. 90 df wireing
  116. Avios Mig-17 Fresco!
  117. Attaching Hub to Motor Shaft - help
  118. Giant Boeing 777-9X Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) Airliner
  119. Freewing L-39 Albatros 80mm EDF Jet
  120. FlyFly F100 manual
  121. 90mm EDF "COUGAR", convert to a sling shooter.
  122. Freewing A-4 Skyhawk 80mm EDF Jet
  123. Havoc E
  124. Bobcat Conversion
  125. EDF Thrust Vectoring Autonomous LEM (Lunar Excursion Module) Build
  126. Gws j-10
  127. Tony Nijhuis 4x50mm EDF Concorde (retracts and nose droop)
  128. My Boomerang with 120mm EDF 12s
  129. Turbinator modded to look like a iskra ts11 (help!)
  130. ESC settings for EDF jets?
  131. FMS A-10 Edf
  132. Freewing 90mm Stinger Deluxe Strange Behavior!!!
  133. Taft Viper 90 EDF electrics hookup
  134. New MB339 90Mm jet in 3d Printing
  135. Wingtip smoke on the new 6S HobbyKing SkySword
  136. F-18 launching a lipish P-15
  137. Blohm & Voss 215
  138. 2019 EDF Jet Jam Info
  139. honda jet ha-420
  140. Bloom & Voss 215
  141. Freewing F22 Touch and go!
  142. HET mig 15 instructions needed..
  143. freewing- f-16 jet.
  144. Assembly Manual For Nitroplanes Projet A10 ?
  145. Boeing 727 build
  146. Eflite F16 Thunderbird 70mm EDF
  147. HSD 105mm F-16
  148. "latest f-35 delivery"
  149. New kid on the block MB339 innovation kit 3d printing
  150. K&A mig 15 park size Blast to the past
  151. Any info about SAPAC jets
  152. "Foamy Thunder"
  153. Freewing a4 skyhawk 80mm
  154. New Runcam 3S action cam on the 1.7m Freewing A-10
  155. inav jet
  156. Two Freewing F-14 Tomcat EDF jets in close formation
  157. Dynam 262 Trouble--No power
  158. JavaHawk EDF jet
  159. SkySword Sport Jet
  160. Best Batteries for BVM 12s EDF
  161. F-4D Phantom II (Freewing EDF jet)
  162. Big 1.7m Freewing A-10 Thunderbolt II EDF jet
  163. 64 MM f16 by free wing I do not see 1 cooling vent
  164. Does a Jet brush less motor get Hotter than a prop plane motor
  165. free wing F 16 Jet front FOAM BUILD
  166. Any ever change to larger landing gear on a jet
  167. freewing F 16 Jet front landing Gear
  168. Kyosho Learjet EDF jet revisited
  169. Wanted: Two JetFan 120 ECO
  170. 150mm and 160mm Fan units
  171. Keecat 65 electric conversion
  172. Messerschmitt P.1112 Fighter Jet
  173. 2018 EDF Jet Jam info on Facebook
  174. Quantum EDF from Taft.... need manual and parts
  175. Joel Vlashof's Harrier AV-8B
  176. Llanxiang F18 super Hornet C of G and control ranges
  177. Edf business jet
  178. Flying the fms futura 80mm off grass
  179. Dynamax conversion
  180. Byron jet edf conversions
  181. Looking for twin Freewing 80mm 12blade 3658-1820kv for F-4 Project
  182. Llanxiang F18 super Hornet
  183. How much thrust for a grass field takeoff?
  184. "f-4, phantom"
  185. Breitling L39 Blue EDF
  186. Restored Kyosho Learjet
  187. Alternative Batteries for BVM EDF
  188. 12 blade vs 6 blade EDF, Thrust, Efflux
  189. Is this the only decent size EDF jet kit?
  190. instructions for yardbird rc f-18
  191. Freewing V2 F16 Turning and Burning!
  192. Freewing Lippisch P.15 64mm EDF Jet
  193. Looking at a FMS Futura
  194. unsucesful launching investigate
  195. Turbinator equivalent help needed
  196. Viper 90mm
  197. Interesting F/A-18 at Perry
  198. Couple flights on my Freewing F16
  199. SU-27 CG aft of CP, mandatory GYRO?
  200. Alternate use for an EDF.
  201. WOW! New Jet Freewing Phantom II 90mm edf semi-scale
  202. T-33 EDF 42.25" span 37" length laser-cut lite-ply and balsa kit available
  203. Retract system of MIG-21 EDF
  204. Freewing V2 70mm F-16 Camo Maidens
  205. What's the best EDF in this list?
  206. HSD JETS Viper 75mm EDF PNP Free Giveaway !
  207. Sorry Duplicate
  208. Schubeler 130mm EDF VTOL Prototype flies for first time
  209. Freewing Upgraded F-86 Sabre
  210. Freewing V2 70mm F-16 Unboxing/Build video
  211. Freewing 6-CH F-16 Fighting Falcon 360 Full Axis Vector Thrust Aerobatic RC EDF Fight
  212. Share your videos of EDF jets in action.
  213. Super Scorpion 90mm EDF
  214. Jet kits
  215. using 2 batteries in series to replace a 4S battery
  216. Wanted Aeronaut Panther
  217. F 16 Freewing jet vector or not
  218. Odd one: retract sequencer on FreeWingRC Mig-21
  219. F 104 no air getting into fuse too cool battery
  220. F 104 no air getting into fuse too cool battery
  221. New to foam edfs
  222. Rx not always connecting
  223. Avro Vulcan bomber (4 EDFs). Filmed in UltraHD / 4K
  224. Phoenix models BAE Hawk
  225. Supersonic 1940s Miles M.52 jet. Filmed in UltraHD / 4K
  226. F-86 Sabre: Who Made It ?
  227. Foam Avanti S gyro suggestion?
  228. Fly Fly F100 Super Sabre
  229. 3D PRINTED JET ALBATROS edf Fiendfan 60 mm
  230. BaeHawk 90mm EDF - 1st
  231. EA-6B kits
  232. Any quality NON-FOAM EDF F-14 Tomcats on the market?
  233. Who made it
  234. owners manual
  235. F86 saber
  236. Rc plane help
  237. f86 saber
  238. Foam Habu equivalent / replacement ?
  239. Fusion edf
  240. EDF Vasafan
  241. t-45
  242. Rocks and EDFS don't mix....
  243. Freewing de Havilland DH-112 Venom
  244. Ripmax Hawker Hunter
  245. Alfa edf adaptor
  246. Need Fast Start on HK ESC
  247. Fans for Old Berkeley and Comet Jets
  248. Braincube nav. lights
  249. 1st EDF JET
  250. Motion Rc...Thumbs up in my book !