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  1. July MA - AMA CFO Paints Grim Economic Future
  2. AMA = "Activity" but precious little results?
  3. Good till 2023 ......
  4. Open question to AMA Executive Council
  5. AMA membership interests
  6. AMA Fiscal - Deficits in 2019, 2018, 2017 & false statement on IRS990
  7. Suggestions on better leveraging our membership
  8. Ending mini-lawyering ... is it past time for AMA to require members follow the law?
  9. More jusitfication for RemoteID
  10. AMA still "Romancing the drone?"
  11. FAA's press release email, first 8 remote ID USS
  12. Will we wait a month for 25 April EC minutes?
  13. DoJ Issues Guidance for Counter Drone in US
  14. Did anyone else notice that AMA ran a deficit last year?
  15. Covid-19, Sanctioned Events, & Aging Demographic
  16. What is the rational economic reason for joining AMA?
  17. RC airplanes on TV
  18. AMA letter to FAA, have you READ IT?
  19. New AMA Coalition Lobbies for Better Remote ID Rule
  20. There will be no overcoming this...
  21. European Union requirements for Remote ID Add-On
  22. AMA District III VP Calls for Action on NPRM
  23. Direct link to the FAA comment page for Remote ID proposed rules
  24. For my NPRM response - how "big" is this hobby?
  25. What the NPRM will mean for everyone...
  26. FAA recreational UAS operator change for 2020?
  27. FRIAs and the "Casual User"
  28. The Happy AMA Thread , What do YOU do with them ?
  29. The EAA Get's It, why not the AMA?
  30. For your NPRM Response...s.
  31. Comment on tbe FAA NPRM
  32. Non club member
  33. Rant on FAA and why I won't become an AMA member
  34. The FAA’s Remote ID Proposal for Drones is Here!
  35. :( FAA webinar didn't work for me ....
  36. How does everyone feel about the new CBO?
  37. 2019 AMA election voter turnout :(
  38. AMA Doesn't Allow This, Thankfully....
  39. AMA call to action pending
  40. Why we fly RC airplanes
  41. FAA test for RC fixed wing?
  42. End of AMA EXpos?
  43. should be no more drone vids with weapons in the usa...
  44. We Lost our Flying Sites Due to DoD Regulations regarding COTS UaS
  45. Fun run-in.
  46. Hello?
  47. What Does the Future Hold?
  48. Safety Record
  49. Low Altitude Visualization Map Link
  50. link to sites in controled airspace map
  51. FAA Sez CBO mbrs NOT legal to fly >400 AGL in class G
  52. AMA Acknowledges 400 foot AGL Limit in Class G
  53. Faa certificate renewal
  54. Will AMA address second sentence in AC 91-57B "Effect of Guidance?"
  55. What If?
  56. Official FAA Authorization Document - Flight in Controlled Airspace
  57. The mentality of drone pilots.
  58. DHS believes Chinese made drones aka DJI drones
  59. Is This a Win For the AMA?
  60. Though Not AMA Transport Canada and MAAC Have Come to an Agreement.
  61. Another Perspective on FAA Rules for Recreation Flying
  62. FAA Update
  63. FAA registration numbers and enforcement
  64. Perspective From the FAA
  65. AMA does what??
  66. And commercial delivery begins in the US
  67. FAA's "Buzzy the Drone" campaign .....
  68. Google Wings doing live deliveries Australia
  69. FPV video
  70. The Thing Is............
  71. Part 107 and contests
  72. Growth: Whose responsiblity is it?
  73. Just Curious
  74. identification #'s
  75. So, What Really IS a CBO?
  76. OK Speedracer!
  77. sUAS News
  78. Local Airport / My club - what Airspace are we in?
  79. New marking rule - Effective 25 February
  80. AMA EC Key Measures of Performance - Last 15yrs
  81. It's the same old conversation over and over again...
  82. No other options?
  83. A Challenge to the Faithful
  84. FAA telling Law Enforcement they CAN act...
  85. While AMA talks, FAA acts...
  86. Team USA F3D
  87. Model Aviation page 4off
  88. AMA Not posting meeting minutes?
  89. Poll - What's your heaviest model?
  90. "Emergency" EC Meeting? 12 December?
  91. 2019 AMA sticker
  92. Attract and keep members
  93. Expo West ... Attendance? Member meeting?
  94. Everything I enjoy about the hobby is crumbling.
  95. So, Has the World Ended Yet?
  96. Has anyone else noticed , , ,
  97. The Poop has hit the fan !
  98. Things that would be interesting to know - "Taj-Muncie" usage
  99. What Do You Expect From a CBO?
  100. What is the AMA
  101. EC minutes are "Protected Content?"
  102. Appox 6 weeks & still no EC Minutes
  103. New A.M.A. Website
  104. FAA Drone Seminar
  105. Popular Science article
  106. Bless the AMA for trying , , , , But .......
  107. Section 336 petition
  108. Who should I contact for club history?
  109. JR discontinuing production
  110. ED, Dave Mathewson retiring.
  111. Remote ID and Tracking to apply to Model Aircraft
  112. AMA rights
  113. ALPA: Repeal Section 336
  114. Poll , Are you an AMA member because you WANT to be , or because you HAVE to be ?
  115. 2018 Membership Cards?
  116. CES 2018 FAA sez CBO mebership NOT required
  117. How many work at AMA Headquarters?
  118. Hobbyco problems...
  119. New Head of FAA ....
  120. RIch Hanson strikes again...
  121. Drone hits Army Blackhawk
  122. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to my fellow AMA members
  123. Oct. EC Meeting Minutes
  124. further bluring the line
  125. Trump signed bill that reinstates drone registration
  126. AMA 2016 Financial Statements
  127. heads up leaders
  128. Should the AMA "Go Commercial" , or die ?
  129. FAA Registration to return 2018
  130. AMA Offering Commercial Insurance?
  131. AMA Survey
  132. VP Election
  133. So much for the crickets...
  134. July EC Meeting minutes
  135. Horace Caine
  136. Crickets....
  137. Fireworks
  138. April EC Minutes
  139. John Taylor! has won us a battle, but the war with the FAA is far from over...
  140. a different approach to dealing with the FAA
  141. AMA EC takes another step AWAY from transparency
  142. AMA Statement - Didn't even MENTION John Taylor!
  143. Since when did we register our MODELS?
  144. FAA "drone" rules shut down
  145. Taylor Achieves what AMA could not - End FAA Registratation Rule
  146. AMA Spending - Our money funding salaries for jobs not done
  147. AMA - Just 250 words in FAA Report on Drone Safety
  148. AMA Drone / FPV Survey
  149. Latest from AMA Government Affairs? Less Positive?
  150. AMA EC Travel Expenses vs. Flying Site Grants
  151. Poll on the AMA site
  152. "Our Industry Is Suffering" M.A. April 2017
  153. Old AMA membership and turbine waiver
  154. AMA EC Mtgs - Now governed by Robert's Rules = accountability & transparency
  155. EC MeeTING Minutes From 1-9-17
  156. AMA sanction submittal?
  157. Analysis - Where AMA Gvt Relations Focuses Efforts
  158. FAA's latest sighting data... AMA's strategy of "education" not working?
  159. Another ordinance using Orlando's as a template...
  160. AMA Expo East
  161. "Free" Youth Memberships not working out & may now cost us money.
  162. PRIMARY Insurance & possible alternative to AMA
  163. This type of testing was never done with traditional RC plane flying as far as I know
  164. Legal Argument against FAA
  165. Hobby People has a going out of business sale
  166. AMA Health? Mixed messages from EC over last six months
  167. Ama expo west
  168. Amazon Prime Air’s First Customer Delivery
  169. Model airplane club's crashes pose safety threat, Pa. court agrees
  170. Thank You AMA!!!
  171. Nov. 2016 EC meeting Mintues
  172. :) Happy Thanksgiving !
  173. Spaceport America Drone Summit
  174. Wow...what a busy year the AMA had.
  175. Should the AMA charge a membership fee for children.
  176. Another handout from the AMA? More money going to clubs?
  177. Should AMA membership be required to be a member of an AMA S.I.G. ?
  178. More Great News about the AMA from Model Aviation. Membership continues to grow!
  179. How long do you keep your magazine?
  180. Is the largest SIG in the AMA devoted to MR/Drone racing? Yup, looks that way!
  181. Collision Risk - VT Study Latest News
  182. Model Aviation Flying Event Calendar Somethings Missing
  183. Seems to me
  184. 2016 NATS results from Muncie
  185. Warrior Day at the AMA...another great use of the fields at Muncie!
  186. Today's A.M.A. Email
  187. AMA Foundation Sweepstakes, NICE!
  188. Finally, some good drones news....
  189. AMA byLaw
  190. October 11 TFRs
  191. UAS Registration Update ?
  193. Should the AMA consider building two regional flying sites , one on each coast ?
  194. Drones and Air Rights Case.
  195. All that AMA money, ever wonder where it all goes?
  196. Can you believe it, even more fantastic news from the AMA
  197. this is why...
  198. Poll , should the AMA use an outside firm to count Ballots ?
  199. AMA membership revenue continues to increase over the past 4 years
  200. Ama consolidated financial statements ended december 31, 2015 and 2014
  201. Serial Numbers on AMA Ballots ????
  202. I guess this FPV drone racing fad is becoming mainstream with large Pro Sports owners
  203. Has anyone done the sign 3 fly for free program?
  204. More news from the AMA, boy are they busy!
  205. FPV & Part 101
  206. Mike Chilson Owner RCSCALEBUILDER.COM Endorsing Farnk Tiano
  207. AMA EC July 2016 minutes
  208. RCU / RC Flight Deck Founder AMA President Endorsement
  209. Suggestion for RCU's involvement in the upcoming AMA Presidential Election
  210. The RCU AMA presidential poll !!!!!
  211. Are your fellow RCU AMA forum posters "Anti-AMA" ?
  212. Interesting data on 2014 AMA Financial/tax statement
  213. AMA Insider calls for CHANGE. VP running for President supports TRADITIONAL MODELLERS
  214. AOPA - Positioning to be a CBO?
  215. The Self Nominating Candidate for AMA President , Good idea or bad idea ?
  216. FAA (AMA) Irony - Misplaced Priorities
  217. Frank Tiano for AMA President
  218. Our Battles With the FAA Are Not Over!
  219. Aftermath of FAA actions and AMA responses to same, aka as illegal Drone activity!
  220. FAA: CBO Membership NOT required to comply with 336
  221. IS FAA registration still required?
  222. This just in, email from ama
  223. 400 foot? NOPE
  224. Is an alternative to the AMA finally here?
  225. Signed Up For The FAA Registration
  226. Where Do U Fly?
  227. Drone VS Aircraft - Mid Air Collisions
  228. UAV shoot downs
  229. Are we as hobbyist UAS users in the clear for now? can we jump for joy? or to soon?
  230. DOT and FAA Finalize Rules for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  231. AMA Scale Nats Question
  232. Horizon / AMA courting the EAA members with free memberships.
  233. A great example of someone actually doing something
  234. State College RC Club Awarded with a Recognition and Reward Grant
  235. The FAA Gave Us a List of Every Drone Pilot Who Has Ever Been Fined
  236. Economic comparison
  237. Using FAA number as custom AMA number ?
  238. Homeland Security on UAV "Emerging Threats"
  239. How much should members know WRT AMA finances ?
  240. Has your club asked for and received funds from the AMA?
  241. What are you going to do after model planes?
  242. AMA EC April 2016 minutes
  243. Awful new AMA sUAS website
  244. Statement Issued : British Airways " DID NOT " Strike Drone !
  245. I think I find this repulsive......
  246. A Drone In the News !!! (NO , it's not what you think)
  247. 50 Wannabe UAS Regulators Down.........
  248. Send " Model Aviation " to Congress & Senate
  249. A.M.A. Origins
  250. STOP the emails